Saturday, April 30, 2011

Water For Elephants

This novel, written by Sara Gruen, is a favorite of mine. After finishing it I immediately began mourning the absence of my beloved friends. This happens often- me missing characters. Luckily they would soon be brought to life on the big screen. I know people aren't always fond of novels being turned into films. But I have to admit I love it! I love the way the plot is altered in the tinniest ways. The way they can omit certain roles and no one would ever know the difference. But most of all I love putting a face to a name. Anyhow, I scheduled some me time yesterday to catch a showing. The imagery was heavenly, just as the novel...

And I was thrilled to find out Christoph Waltz was playing the role of August! He is absolutely brilliant in every way and this film was no exception. Waltz most definitely stole the show.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! xo, christine

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