Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lake House

Yay! Friday is finally here :) After work I will be driving my little self out to the lake. I'm not a fan of driving so I'm bringing my baby sister along for good company. I guess you could call it a mini road trip… crossing fingers I don’t get lost again. The lake house is my weekend getaway spot. I basically spent every summer there as a child. The best part: it’s always a family affair. Back in the day my grandparents bought a ‘vacation house’ they now call home. Shortly after, my uncle purchased the house next door and my mom’s boyfriend got a place down the road. I love staying with my mom and Eloy because the house is still fairly new. I like to think it helps me avoid my miserable allergies. Or maybe perhaps I’ve grown out of them? I guess I won’t really know since I stock up on Zertec before my arrival. I’m thankful we have our exclusive lake hideaway and the fact that it is only 2 hours away. Holiday weekends are my favorite! I expect to see tons of family hanging out by the water. So excited!!

How are you spending your Memorial weekend? Hope you get to kick back and relax like us!

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