Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Day Shred

I’m not going to lie, this is becoming extremely challenging. I am less motivated due to the fact that I am not losing any more weight! What’s up with that? The good news: I am noticing a change in my facial features and abs. So I’m still pushing through! Besides there’s no need for me to constantly be weighing in. It’s much too stressful.

There are 16 days til my cruise so I decided to set up an award system. If I can go from now until the moment I step foot on that ship without diet cheating... I get a new swim suit! (my dad helped me come up with that one.) Since the swimsuit will be for the trip, I will have to buy it a few days in advance. Maybe having it in my possession will help me cross that finish line. I sure hope so because returning it would be devastating! Here are a few dreamy swimsuits that surpass my budget...

all sold at Anthropologie.

I also decided to allow myself two cheat days. I can’t cheat the entire day but I can have one thing I wouldn’t normally be able to eat. I chose my mom’s birthday dinner (last night) and my sister birthday dinner (most likely next weekend). I can’t help that we were all born 11 days apart. Anyway, my first ‘cheat’ was her birthday dessert of course. A delicious marshmallow fruit salad… sooo yummy! And for dinner I had grilled chicken, veggies, black beans & water. yay me! There was so much left over I’ll also be having it for lunch today.
How is everyone else progressing? Are you losing weight? or just inches like me?
Keep up the good work!


  1. Go for the pink swimsuit. I think it would look great with your skin tones.

    I backslid on my diet and workout yesterday as well. Instead of doing weights last night, I had beers. My trip to Rio isn't until July, though.

  2. polka dots!!! so cute! keep it up!

  3. Im getting the pink striped bathing suit! thank the lord for one pieces!

  4. Lucky you! I'm trying to find a substitute one piece. Can't afford Anthropologie at the moment.