Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Passing out at 8pm on a Friday night due to the 1 margarita I had at dinner.
- Sitting in a cafe parking lot, eating apple pie... in my pajamas! How do I end up in such graceless situations? I blame it on my love for pie... or maybe my love for pj's.
- When ex's pop up on facebook's 'people you may know'. umm no, you're joking right?
- 3 year old nephew laughed at my toes and told me they were ugly. he then proceeded to point out how fat they are. Talk about brutally honest. Ouch.
- Refusing to delete the email notification from twitter announcing @jackshurst thinks I’m dreamy! You know, the whole "I will never wash this cheek again" type thing.


- Dresses instead of shorts. Thank the lord for loose fitting sundresses! My summer go-to look.
- Drop Dead Diva’s Grayson telling me I’m dreamy! I literally fell asleep with a smile on my face. This is why I love twitter.
Haircut, bangs, & highlights- all for $10… what a steal! It definitely pays to be a hair model.
- I’m not the biggest chocolate fan but Magnum Almond Ice cream bars make me weak in the knees. I can’t wait to try the white chocolate version!
- Playing Wii Just Dance last night and loosing a pound. Seriously? I think I just met my new work out.
- I told my niece I was going on a cruise ship. She replied, “with Zack and Cody?”
- Did I mention Jackson Hurst thinks I’m dreamy!! (insert teenage girl squeal here).

till next time


  1. Sorry, for being the Awkward & Awesome blogger that comments on almost EVERYTHING! But this was just too cute NOT to!!!! Great Post & Outfit!

  2. Super cute outfit! I'm so happy to see that you got it from F21, I just love shopping there.

  3. i love twitter too! i've had a few people i admire tweet me or retweet me. its the best feeling!! hahaha

    it also helped me meet my favorite musicians. i'll have to tell you about that sometime.

    the dresses is gorgeous and im in love with the shoes :)

    i adore you sense of style. and this blog :)

  4. i agree. you are dreamy