Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-Waking up to a high of 100 degrees. I asked for sunny skies not a trip to the desert!
-Having a 5 year old tell you your workout clothes are too small. This is bad. This is real, bad.
-Accidently chipping a nail and refusing to trim the others.
-Getting caught drinking orange juice from the carton. What?! It was practically empty and I didn’t want to dirty a glass. Come on, like you've never done it.
-Ordering the chicken club at Joe’s Crab Shack. Yes, I am 'that' girl.
-One week later… still 100 degree weather.
-The Hangover Part II.


-Coming home from work to find a cuddly, little 3 year old glued to my hip. The joys of being an auntie.
-Pretty much only two weeks til my cruise!! Words cannot describe how excited I am to board that boat!
-Free cheesecake at Chili’s... I will never deny you.
-Planning fall concert dates with old friends.
-Homemade snow cones to cool off in this summer heat.
-Having a longer awkward list than awesome.

This is a fun little feature I discovered at The DayBook. Thanks Sydney
for such a hilarious and fun activity. Now’ it’s your turn! Leave your posts in my comment section so I can check them out. :)


  1. Really? The Hangover 2 was awkward? LOL! Is there really free cheesecake at chilis? :)

  2. Girl, you are awesome. Period. I love all of these things. They made me laugh. I'm so excited FOR YOU to go on your cruise. You are so dang pretty!

  3. ah yes, the hangover 2.
    such a disappointment. my bff and i were just talking about it last night. NOT FUNNY! she said its one of the biggest money making movies but thats the magic of promotion. super cute post! diggin your outfit. id totally wear that :)

  4. yeah the best part of Hangover 2 was when he threw the anchor out of the boat. Otherwise the same jokes retold.

    And you need to add Christine is Awesome to your awesome list