Tuesday, June 28, 2011

first stop: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica was nothing like I had imagined and I don’t plan on ever returning. To be honest I don’t see why this was chosen for a vacations spot. The roads were dangerously unsafe and our driver was ill-mannered. Thankfully our tour guides were sweethearts and made sure no one was left behind. These two ladies were incredibly kind. They accompanied us to the shops when other guides waited down the streets for their guests. I had no idea Jamaica was a left driving country! So riding around on the opposite side was a neat experience. I wish I had more positive things to say about Montego Bay. Perhaps a resort may have been more enjoyable than the homelands. But in my opinion: If you ever consider visiting, think again. Jamaica is no paradise.

We caught a little rain shower on our way back to the port. I’m guessing this is common on the islands. Light showers were present at each of our destinations.

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  1. Jamaica is a very poor country. The resorts are depressing as well because you can see the shanties just down the beach. I originally had it on my list of places to sail, but I hear it's not very safe for sailboat cruisers anymore.