Thursday, June 30, 2011

third stop: Cozumel, Mexico

I know Mexico is unsafe right now but the area we visited seemed to be doing well. Cozumel was my favorite island! We met up with a group of people for a ’Go Jeep and tequila farm tour’. Our guides were incredibly nice and kept us giggling the entire time (especially Anna). My step-mom, Veronica, was in charge of driving the jeep and I was her back seat driver. Can you blame me? As soon as we got in the car she was nervous. Acting all panicky, like she had forgotten how to drive standard! The roads were pretty crazy in the middle of town and everyone fought to stay together. But we safely made our way to the Pee Pee Station for a potty break. We did more souvenir shopping, drank water and I may or may not have had a Corona. I was in Mexico, how could I not?
We then drove to tequila farm where the skies gave us a cool shower. It didn’t last long but it definitely helped us tolerate the summer heat. Once inside we sampled a wide assortment of flavors. Although Tequila isn’t my favorite, I tried as many as I could. Others were downing the samples like there was no tomorrow. Not going to name any names…

Kidding. hehe We had a great time then piled back into the Jeep. Vamos a la playa! We were absolutely thrilled to find out a trip to the beach was included. We had a sit down lunch by the ocean then frolicked a bit in the waves. The turquoise waters were everything I imagined and more!

We ended the day with more shopping and smiles. I hope to return to Cozumel in the future.
The people were friendly and the island was stunning.


  1. My son just got back from spending a semester studying in south central Mexico, it was totally safe and he had a blast. If you stay away from the border states you are OK.

  2. How funny! We took a jeep tour on our cruise too and I think we may have ended up on the same beach. Our tour was some caves we got to snorkel in. The tequila tour looks fun!

  3. Great pictures!! Looks like a blast. Time to go back to Mexico. The water is absolutely beautiful. Love that first picture!

  4. wow looks so beautiful! i've never been to Mexico, but it's definitely on my list of places to go to.

    glad you had a blast! :)