Friday, July 1, 2011

Bon Appétit!

Because my camera was filled with food photos, I decided to do an entire post about cruise meals. Multiple buffet areas around the ship were constantly serving food. And although the buffets were jam-packed with goodness, I preferred the Monet dining room. A pink, Paris themed restaurant was a dream come true!! It was an enchanting venue and I felt like a princess. We photographed almost every plate on account of its mouth-watering beauty.

The best part was- if you couldn’t decide what to order you could request several items. And believe me, I did! If something ever sounded interesting and I had never tired it before, I ordered it. Everything from crème brûlée to duck (duck is disgusting by the way). The wait staff was delightful and quite hilarious. We were happy to have Edgar as our server. He knew us well and brought us hot chocolate every night with dessert. Mmmm… it smelt/tasted just like Christmas. :) Edgar was always doing silly tricks with the utensils and turning our napkins into priddy bows.

So without further ado, feast your eyes on this delicious cuisine….

One night while Stephanie was in the casino, she won a dinner for two at The Point Steakhouse. I don’t see the point in paying for dinner when all the other food on the ship is free. But since I was invited and it was technically free… I tagged along. In my opinion the steakhouse was too quiet and snobbish. Can a restaurant be snobbish? Other than the compliments of the chef (a tiny pea soup and bite size potato haha!) everything on the menu was almost identical to the Monet’s. The entire experience was too elegant for my taste.
In the words of one of our comedians we were “eating ourselves to death.”
It seriously felt like it but hey, who can say no to 24 hour pizza? Not this girl.

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  1. I love your photos and the food looks amazing! It's my dinner time now, so I better get off of here before I eat your pics! hahaha