Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In a relationship

The other night I realized something special. I am currently in the healthiest/happiest relationship I’ve ever known. And it’s with no one other than my own self. Yes, you heard correctly. I am dating myself... we go to the movies, dinner dates, talk for hours on end, write love letters and stare out into the sunset. It sounds a bit silly but I’ve never been happier. For most of my life I depended on others to make me happy. I thought it was their job to come into my life and make me whole. But that was entirely incorrect. I’ve been whole all along. I was just too blind to pay any attention to my heart and soul. This October I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary!! It’s going to be a huge milestone for myself & I. And the best part is knowing this relationship will last a lifetime!

I sometimes wonder why I waited so long to get to know the person that matters most. I encourage you all to get to know yourself. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Spoil yourself. Because you my friend, are worth it. XO.


  1. Haha I loved this post!! I agree with you it's gret to really get to know who you are and spoil yourself as well every once in a while!

  2. Oh my goodness! Okay, you are offically my favorite blogger. I wish more people had this outlook when it comes to the dating world. Well said!

  3. so I guess asking you out on a date is out?

    I know what you mean though, you really can't love someone else until you are truly in love with yourself.

  4. wowzah this is so inspiring :)

    thanks for encouraging to date myself.

  5. and now you'll probably find love. :)