Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am afraid of the dark. there, i said it.

As an adult I've had to get used to being alone in a big empty house. The creeks in the walls, murmurs of the ac unit and not to mention the voices outside my window. My imagination loves nights like these. It runs wild creating spooky settings complete with alien, ghost and home invaders. Oh my!

As a child I never found enjoyment in shows like Are you afraid of the dark? or Goosebumps (although I did read all the books). Tv just seems too real and up-close for my taste. However, as a first grader I discovered my love for Tim Burton while watching the Nightmare Before Christmas. I watched it about fifty times that year. Yes, I know Tim Burton films are dark and eerie. But even as a 7 year old I was mesmerized by how magical this film was. How romantic yet strange the characters were. It gave them life… and me a sense of belonging. Every Burton film since has lived up to my expectations 100%.

In junior high everyone was all about the haunted houses. Me, I never fancied them but because my friends enjoyed it so much I tagged along. The funny thing is - I never once opened my eyes. In fact I would usually sandwich myself between two people so I would be able to follow the path with my eyes glued shut. Still, it was a nerve wrecking experience to be chased by a roaring chainsaw while voices whispered in my ear "look at me". You people and your pretend haunted houses are nuts!!! How can anyone take pleasure in being scared stiff? I'm 23 and can proudly say I'll never set foot in one of those places ever again.

I think it was high school when my friends decided to switch it up a bit and start watching scary movies instead. Once again I tagged along attempting to be "part of the group". I've seen it all... The Ring, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, White Noise, The Grudge. Basically if it came out while I was in high school, I've seen it. Since this a confession post I have something to confess... While watching Amityville Horror (the remake) a friend and I went running scared out of the theater. there, i said it.

As for clown movies... no I have not watched them and NO I never will. Same goes for all the original horror films made before I was born. No Exorcist, Halloween, Poltergeist, Friday the 13th... no way, no how will I everrr watch those frightening films!

All in all I blame my fear of the dark on my brief introduction to the scary movie genre and the News (if that's not scary, I don't know what is).

ps. Thriller films don't count! Movies like Se7en, No Country for Old Men, and Fight Club are actually favorites of mine. Their wit doesn't compare to a film shot up the nostrils while running through a secluded forest at night.


  1. It's funny, I used LOVE horror movies as a kid (especially all those original films from the 1970s/80s you listed). But as I got older I got more and more scared of scary movies! I remember seeing The Ring in theaters and then not being able to sleep without nightmares for about a week! I haven't watched many scary movies since then. You're right, I probably got scared as I started watching the news more.

    I could watch a Tim Burton movie every day for the rest of my life, though ;)

  2. Didn't we just talk about this on facebook. At least i got a full answer to when I ask how you like Tim Burton films which are dark and be afraid of it. I won't lie some movies scare me. Thats the chainsaw movies. Because well thats based on true stories. However the freddy, michael and jason movies make me laugh. I'm a big fan of Haunted Houses but I think thats due in part because of my love for theme park is so huge and most due big Halloween events. I used to love to read Goosebumps. And Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite films. Although you know Tim only wrote and produced it, he did not direct it. Now I will agree, the news is scary.

  3. I love scary movies but I can see why some people don't but haunted house uh no!


  4. I absolutely agree. I hate, hate, hate horror movies as well. I've walked though haunted houses, clinging to someone and last year, I started screaming before I got inside the London Tower, which isn't even a haunted house. It was that terrifying.

  5. I love scary movies, but would agree that Tim Burton movies are way too interesting, engaging, and colorfully intelligent to be scary in a horror kind of way. Speaking of No Country for Old Men, one of my all time favorites, I had nightmares about the character Chigurh for a while after watching. confession: for some strange reason, the *awful* M Night 'Signs' was absolutely terrifying to watch in the theater, but I think it must have been the crowd. great post xoxo