Friday, October 21, 2011

Write yourself a love letter.

Most of you know I’ve been on a journey of self acceptance… learning how to love me for ME.
Around this time last year I entered relationship with myself. A happy, healthy & exclusive kind of loving bond I’d never known before. Through this experience I taught myself how to be content on my own and accept my personality. It’s important to be proud of who you are as an individual. I used to rely on others way too much. The opinions of strangers mattered more than those of my own. But things are finally beginning to change. As a part of this process I started writing love letters to myself. The way any admirer would write to their lover. I included compliments, encouragement, the future and a little about the past. It may sound silly but the end result is remarkably freeing! and I’ve never been happier.

Dear Christine,
It's a funny thing, you and me. We've spent our entire life together yet we were never that close. It wasn't until this time last year that I truly pursued our relationship. To be honest, I never liked you much. I'd spend my time ignoring you when my heart was heavy. But that was hurtful and unhealthy. We are 23 years old now.
I say better now, than never...

I admire your idealist personality. Even if that means having to dry buckets of tears. I love your awkward-introverted ways and how you’ve found friendship with pen/paper. The way you’ve learned to step outside your comfort zone to share on this blog. I adore your love for scrapbooking and other unique hobbies. Even if that means not being able to follow a football game. But most of all I admire the love you have for your family. Because without them we’d be lost.

I'm proud of us. Of how far we've come in merely a single year!
I simply can’t imagine adding another to our little duo. So until then, let's keep watching romantic comedies, going on dinner dates, taking afternoon naps and sharing this time we have together.


  1. I love this it took me along time to like myself too and discover who I really was not what others wanted me to be

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


  2. I adore this post!

    I just recently entered a relationship with myself too. It's so important to love ourselves.