Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I have this New Year's eve fantasy, standing under the soft moonlight on a balcony with champagne lips. I'm not even sure parties like this exist but it's a dream I'll keep dreaming. Besides I wouldn't want to experience it without that special someone. So instead I stayed in this Eve... rented a few movies, ate my favorite foods and prepared a list of goals/changes I would like for myself in 2012. I love that the new year encourages goal making. It's such a healthy and refreshing process! I normally stick to the same resolution:

Try something new everyday.

This is my favorite goal ever! I always have so much fun trying new foods and pushing myself to be more adventurous. As a way to keep this objective fresh in my mind year round I've decided to keep record of my progress on the photo app, instagram. If you'd like to follow or are interested in joining the challenge, you can find me at 'christinerojas'.

#1 Black-eyed peas & cabbage

I'm feeling a bit brave this year and decided to add two more resolutions...

- Deactivate facebook for an entire year. I was overly excited about this one and ended up deactivating it a day early. The social networking site has become so impersonal and I want to force myself to make real human contact. There's a reason I'm socially awkward and it's called the internet.

- Read 10 books! I love reading but don't make nearly enough time for it. If you have any book recommendations please send them my way :) What are your resolutions this year?


  1. I'm on the reading books this year vibe as well. Although I'm on a mission this year to find answers.

    I probably should of stayed in last night. I would of saved some money and perhaps more. Anyways best of luck to you this year.

  2. Happy new year lovely. I love the resolutions, I too am setting myself a target of reading more. xo

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  4. well you know i'm always a motivator of others to deactivate their facebooks :)

    and as far as reading 10 books, everyone's been talking about the Hunger Games at my job. have you added that to your list?

    1. Yep, it's on my list! In fact, it's on my bookshelf already. Are you going to read it too?

    2. Yep, it's on my list! In fact, it's on my bookshelf already. Are you going to read it too?

    3. yes! my coworkers are saying nothing but great things! i'm excited. hopefully i'll get to start on it in February when work isn't so hectic :)

  5. Deactivate FB for a whole year? WOW, girl. I've often thought about going off the grid for awhile, but I don't know that I could be without FB for a whole year. Maybe someday. It's definitely something I'm considering!
    I love that it would make me more personable and I would have to make an effort to keep in touch with people. The Internet is so EASY and I think that can be a problem sometimes.
    Also, totally agree that the Internet has made me socially awkward even more than I was before I got sucked into the Interweb!