Monday, February 20, 2012


I’m trying to get in the habit of posting weekend recaps more regularly. My goal from day one for this blog has been to keep a archive of my daily life. An easy access diary to replace my overflowing composition notebook collection. I do still write in notebooks but those are for more personal/ emotional entries. A girl’s gotta have her privacy.

The majority of this weekend was spent reading. Have any of you read The Hunger Games? From the moment I started I couldn’t put this book down! I feel in love with it and its characters. I’m so glad I set a new year’s goal of reading 10 books. I’m almost positive I will well surpass it. I still need more book suggestions if you have any….

We had an insane storm Friday night with lightning that lit my entire bedroom! I’m a deep sleeper and normally can sleep through any storm but the roaring thunder was like no other. Later that morning I took a defensive driving course for the insurance discount. Did you know taking the class will save you up to 10%? Not bad, if you ask me. Sunday we hosted a 70th birthday for my abuelita. It’s such a joy to be surrounded by family. Here is a photo of my grandparents from Costa Rica on their wedding day.

Hope your weekend was just as memorable :)


  1. i love this picture!
    so much happiness!!

  2. HI CHRISTINE! i am sending you the sunshine award.
    not sure why i couldn't find you on facebook or twitter?

    did you disappear on me?


    1. yes, i cut back on my social media. YOU are the sweetest for tagging me with this award! :) so excited to get started!