Tuesday, March 20, 2012


If we’re being honest here, I boldly confess I want a baby! I want to fall in love with man that can’t take his eyes off me. A man with eyes that see the world as God does.  I want to get married, travel, share and build our life together. And then…. I want to be blessed with a child. maybe more. Is that too much to ask? I mean, I’m only twenty-three and there is no set timeline I have to follow. But on the other hand, I haven’t had much relationship experience and I’m extremely shy! It’s hard to imagine someone approaching a girl like me. Nevertheless, I know God has a plan. It’s all taken care of and lined up for my future. It’s my job to stay patient, hopeful and true to myself. So that's exactly what i'll do.

Do any of you have an out of the blue love story? If so, I’d love to hear all about it!!
and yes, i purchased that little beauty of a dress for my one day baby girl. haha don't judge.


  1. 1. God does have a plan.

    2. You have to wait a little longer so you can have 8 years worth of stories to tell your kids on "How I met your Father".

    3. Your only 23? Seriously I thought you were just like 1 year younger then me.

    4. Last night in class, we were talking about babies. Someone found out she was pregnant.

    5. Your not extremely shy. Remember it was you who would say Hi to me in the hallways. Yes I went there and yes I remembered.

    6. I love to travel. Not sure why I put that in here. Moving on.

    7. The only reason guys dont approach a girl is for two reasons: a. shes to beautiful (most likely your reason) or b. she has to many people around her which makes it difficult

    8. I think if you have nothing going on Tuesday nights, you should come with me to my Singles College Group I go to. It starts at 7:30 till about 9. There are single guys there who would see you like God does. I know New Girl is on but just DVR it.

    9. This is really long and I would not blame you if you deleted it.

    10. If anything I want you to know that dress is cute.

    1. your comments are always a joy!

      loving the "How I met your Father" idea

  2. I can totally relate to you here! I was also really shy and it was hard to trust that God would set everything up for me, but he did! When I was 26 I hit a breaking point where I tried to take matters into my own hands, signing up for dating sites and trying to be more bold. While I didn't find my guy that way, I think it did encourage me to be less shy. God sent me my guy through friends though; I reunited with my brother's old little league friend at a wedding and his wife set me up with his best friend. I'm not married yet, but I definitely see that in the future and I'm glad I let my love story play out. I know yours will, too! Just take your time and pray about it. I love that you want a man with a heart for God; you are definitely headed in the right direction! :)

    1. OH, this comment is absolutely beautiful. I wish all the love in the world to you and your loved ones.