Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Friday, March 30, 2012

In order to cut costs we booked flights with a layover in Mexico City. My dad’s aunt picked us up from the airport and we spent the day admiring the beautiful architecture. But I couldn’t wait to get out of there! The taxi driver alone scared me half to death! at one point he even honked at a police car!
We arrived in Costa Rica around 1am, piled into the land cruiser and headed to the farm in the mountains. The sun rises pretty early there… by 5 am we were pulling over to have breakfast and buy some fresh fruit. Can you believe the restaurants were open at five in the MORNING?! Our first day at the farm my dad took us on a 6 mile hike in the forest. Rain boots, walking sticks, stampeding horses, monkeys in the trees above our heads and drinking water from the river with cups made of leafs. I can now say, I’ve done it all. I was exhausted but was able to complete the hike in anticipation of my watermelon reward. Mmmm…just before the rain shower hit.

The following day I milked a cow! It was disgusting but I couldn’t pass my opportunity to give it a try. You know me, always adding to my bucket list :) We then went fishing with sticks, string and wild berries. I caught 2!! Oh and I went to an outhouse... check that off my list as well! After the fish were cleaned we took them over to my great grandpa’s house and cooked them- BONES AND ALL. Gross, I know but I had to taste it. I don't know about you, but I prefer my food bone free!

We went to bed with full bellies and I did my best to ignore the ghost stories.

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  1. Looks like a neat place to go. I never been out of the United States. Almost been everywhere in it. (even Idaho) I had fish like that once before and it was hard to eat. I'm pretty sure I swallowed a few of the small bones. Have you ever wonder who was the first person to milk a cow? How do you explain what you were doing? Anyways look like you had some fun. Are you going to Kooza when it comes to town in July?