Monday, April 23, 2012


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Volcano day! I was so excited about this until they told me we were going zip lining. Eeek! Not on the schedule and I was quite a bit nervous! All in all in was heart pumping fun. The ‘Tarzan Swing’ swung us so high into the trees I thought my stomach was in my chest! haha Just look at the fourth photo below… and tell me that’s not scary!
My favorite part? Free beer when we finished! lol mmmm... Costa Rican beer! I adored the tiny cabins we stayed in that night. They were small and felt a little like camping. It was pretty interesting to find out they had an orange juice factory behind the cabins, you don’t see that everyday. And boy was it delicious!!
We spent the following day at Baldi Hot Springs. It's sort of like a water park at the foot of an active volcano. Pretty cool huh? The pools vary in temperature, some scorching hot! It was a relaxing day of cold drinks, laughter and my dad going down the slides about a million times to splash the entire pool!
ahhhh... paradise!

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  1. That beer and food looked tasty. I never been much of a zip line guy. I did it once before in Tennessee. That waterpark looked cool.

    That first picture of the beach in Part 2 looks amazing.