Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Saturday, April 7, 2012

No matter how much I tired to back out, it was happening. Me, a girl who can’t swim would be in a raft crashing through rapids at high speeds. AHHH!! lol I managed to keep calm until our guide chose me to “jump” out of the raft so everyone could practice saving me. I basically couldn’t breathe and fell to the depths of the river. Okay, so it wasn’t thattt bad… my life jacket did most of the work. I had a complete blast! It was sooo much fun and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful! We rode past waterfalls, monkeys and wild indians (yes, they still exist in Costa Rica). At certain areas of the river we were able to get out of the raft and float awhile. I wasn’t interested in getting in the water but our guide kept picking on me and I sort of had to. The rapids were intense! There were moments when the raft would fill up with water and times we had to all move to one side to squeeze in between rocks. It was a team effort and I thought my arm was going to fall off at the end of the night. No joke! Haha if you ever have the opportunity to try white water rafting don’t chicken out! I can’t even swim and it was a priceless experience.
ps. Though there were times we had to hold on for our life, no one fell out! Pura Vida!


  1. That looks awesome. I'm glad you ended up doing it and having fun. And finally we get a picture of you on this trip. I know you been in a few but the one above proves you were on the trip. But seriously that looked like a lot of fun.

  2. OMG i want to go rafting so so so bad!!! looks like so much fun!!

  3. That looks so scary and yet so fun! I did something similar but much more mild in Sacramento once, but this looks intense! Looks like it was a blast! :)