Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Okay, I'm going to be honest here. Lately blogging has been the last thing I want to do. Have you ever had a hobby you adored only to give up on it years later? I used to watch movies alllll day long. My weekends were filled with back to back movie rentals and I couldn't get enough! I've always felt a strong connection to the film industry and while I still enjoy watching movies on occasion, my hobby has drastically down scaled. In jr. high/high school I was on the yearbook staff, so naturally I had a strong interest in scrapbooking. I loved documenting events and special occasions with family & friends. However over the past few years I've distanced myself from it. I now wonder what's the point... if it can be lost, stolen or damaged? (to avoid them being lost forever I scanned my old scrapbooks to flickr.) Online documentation seems more practical.

I guess blogging has its ups and downs like any other hobby. So in an attempt to stay up to date... I've decided to make my vacation posts short but sweet. :)

Is it just me, or do hobbies ever last? What are some of yours that never get old?


  1. I go through hobbies the same way too (and have the blog to show for it right now haha)! Even the hobbies that I'm most passionate about, like knitting, have their dry spells where I need a break. I am sure we will both find our hobby passions eventually that we won't grow tired of! haha! :)

  2. I have a few hobbies that come and go. I never seem to stay with. However there is one that I will never get tired of. Perhaps, the only reason I would stop is because I'm far to old to continue. This hobby of course is riding roller coasters. Yes, that is a hobby and I'm very good at it.

    I personally don't see a blog as a hobby, its more or less just a place that you write a few notes to yourself to go back and read on a later date. Great photo by the way.