Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It’s May!! Can you believe it? I can’t. In a matter of weeks I will be turning 24! I still feel 17… but regardless of how I feel, I am an adult. I’ve already started working on this year’s birthday list but before I post it lets do a little recap of my 23 before 24 list.

  1. I didn’t have time to make this happen but will def be adding it to my next list
  2. see blue water. done. done. done. done. & done.
  3. Remember when I learned MJ’s Thriller dance?
  4. I moved in with my dad, I’d say that’s a home makeover.
  5. I had the pleasure of meeting many people this year, some I consider new friends.
  6. oh, don’t make me talk about this one. I’ve lost my passion.
  7. I’m wearing my hair naturally curly this very moment (something I never used to do).
  8. still trying to step out of the box with this one!
  9. so many ingredients. So little time.
  10. "Sorry, We're Closed."
  11. I send a little handwritten notes in the mail.
  12. Does Glee karaoke count? It will have to do, for now.
  13. My dad tinted my car windows for Christmas :)
  14. Not only did I swim with dolphins... I kissed one!!
  15. I like taking 1 hour walks after work. usually on the treadmill.
  16. Finger painting was so much fun with my niece and nephew
  17. Hopefully next weekend...
  18. I changed my mind about this one, in fact I even sold my camera.
  19. Love letter.
  20. I paid off two credit cards, that's a huge improvement!
  21. I couldn't find the right supplies :(
  22. :) smiling.
  23. I gave to the homeless and donated money. next year i'll do even more.
Eeek!! I can't believe I'm turing 24 soon!


  1. I love these kinds of lists :)

  2. It looks like you did a lot on your list, great job!! Also, I highly recommend using regular cake mix in the babycakes machines! I've used regular chocolate & vanilla cake mix in my mini cupcake & my cakeball makers and it's so much easier than the recipes included with the makers! ;) Happy birthday! I hope you reach all your goals this year, or at least the ones that matter most to you! :)