Thursday, May 24, 2012

24 BEFORE 25

I prepare for this moment year round! Constantly thinking up new goals to set for my future. I like to keep it light by throwing in a few silly ones such as “Eat green eggs and ham”. Who wouldn’t want to try this famously unique meal?! So without further adou… my 24 before 25 list!

24 Before 25

1.       Thank God every morning and night
2.       Visit Graceland- the home of Elvis Presley!
3.       White bedroom makeover.
4.       Get a massage.
5.       Museum membership!
6.       Drive-in theater.
7.       Visit the outdoor theater.
8.       Dance in the moonlight.
9.       Eat green eggs & ham.
10.   Absolutely no canceling plans with friends.
12.   Give hugs more freely.
13.   Embrace my naturally curly hair.
14.   August meteor shower.
15.   Learn Spanish.
16.   Go camping.
17.   Visit my grandparents more.
18.   This is the year I learn to cook!
19.   Read the bible daily.
20.   Watch all films nominated for Oscars.
21.   Expand my record collection.
23.   Finish paying off all debts.
24.   Listen to what people are saying around me and look for opportunities to bless them.
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  1. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? your list made me think of that quote from a movie.

    Sounds like a fun list. They serve Green Eggs and Ham at Universal Studios.

  2. Love love love this! You've just inspired me (seriously)! Don't ever ever ever stop doing this list - no matter hold old you get. This is such an awesome fabulous mix of fun, family and love - I want to do half this stuff too! Keep us posted on your progress. :-)