Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letter to My Future Self.

Dear Christine,
(or should I say Vilma? I assume you have come to accept your birth name by now)
I hope you are smiling as you read this. I hope you are genuinely happy and have a little family of your own. I hope you’ve developed numerous friendships with honorable people and that you yourself show great honor towards them. That man, the one you fell in love with and married, he’s darn handsome isn’t he? I knew it, I knew he would be. Where are you living? Is it near Houston or did you fulfill our dream of living elsewhere? I don’t blame you if you’re still in Texas… I can’t bare the thought of moving away from Mom, Dad or little Mariah & Nate. Gosh they must be so old now. Beautiful I bet. Do they have any more siblings?? I know they'd be thrilled for a baby brother/sister. I’m sad right now. I guess that’s why I’m writing you… to remind myself things will get better. Sadness will fade. Health will improve. And love with emerge.

I know it’s in the cards for you. I know you will be a lovely lady with a happy heart.

yours truly,


  1. This is really sweet! I'm confident that you're going to read this someday after all of your dreams have come true and it will be extra special! xoxo

  2. you always have the best ideas in how to encourage yourself. even in the saddest of moments. you're an admirable person.