Friday, August 24, 2012


I was delighted to hear our local Outdoor Theater was hosting a Brat Pack film trilogy! My best friend Amy and I packed a little picnic and attended two of the three movies. The Breakfast Club (my favorite!) and Pretty in Pink. It was such an enjoyable experience. In fact, it’s # 7 on my 24 Before 25 list :) We sat beneath a gorgeous moonlit sky, shooting star included! And the weather was incredible… a light breeze is pretty rare during our summer season. I surprisingly found myself under the blanket most of the night.
I’ve wanted to attend movies in the park since I was a little girl and I’m so very happy I was able to share that moment with such a lovely friend. Especially since we recently found out she will be moving away. Bittersweet news but I couldn’t be more proud of her. Congratulations Amy!!!! I see many San Antonio visits in my near future!


  1. I had a blast!!! Love you & can't wait for all the San Antonio memories to come!!

  2. That sounds like a cool thing to do. I always forget about that park and the events they have (which a lot of the time are free)

  3. That sounds like low key (but lovely) evening out. :)