Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dear husband-to-be,

You’ve been on my mind lately. I’ve even developed this little habit of reciting love letters in my head. Since my memory isn’t always cooperative, i've decided to start sharing them here. Who knows, maybe they'll bring us closer together someday.
Sometimes I crave toast in the middle of the night. I hope you don’t mind late-night kitchen dates. toast is one of my specialties. I’ll need you for the meals that involve actual cooking. You’ll probably be good at it. and teach me a thing or two. i’d like that.
No one likes to go back to bed with a full belly so a little midnight video game session might be in order. Maybe I’ll become more of a night person? but don't count on it. This girl loves her sleep. fresh pjs, warm tea and damp curls sum up my usual afternoon. I should warn you about my curls… think bed head x’s 100. they are a work in progress.
it’s getting late and I’m a bit chilly. Wish you were here to keep me warm.