Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I know I do my yearly goal list but every now and then I like to make a much smaller list. A few goals to keep me focused and on track. It’s easy to catch the blues when the days end early and begin to freeze. So here’s my little list of Fall/Winter goals:

-Disconnect. I recently deleted my social media apps from my iphone. It’s amazing how engrossed we become in sites like facebook and twitter. I want to be present in the real world and be free of constantly checking my phone.

-Write for 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week. I stopped writing in my journals and that really upsets me. Writing used to be my most favorite hobby! I will try to share some of these entries here on the blog, depending on how personal they are.

-Read more. Remember when I started my book list? I was reading soooo much! Sadly, I haven’t even touched a book in months. It’s time to expand my library.

-Learn Spanish keeps getting pushed back on my to-do list. My dad must have noticed because he bought Rosetta Stone the other day. His confidence in me has driven me to study daily. It’s such a great feeling to know he’s rooting for me to succeed.  

-Visit friends. Not having social media outlets is going to be a huge challenge for me. I will have to physically make more of an effort to catch up with friends and make new ones.

do you have any seasonal goals? i would love to hear them :)


  1. i pretty much deleted all my social net apps except for twitter and IG. i def want to join you on the read more part. sounds fun.