Friday, January 4, 2013


Let’s talk resolutions…. Do you make them? Stick to them?Think they’re ridiculous?

I love em’!

I’ve watched myself drastically transform thanks to my favorite resolution
#1 TRY SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY. I use it year after year and it never disappoints! From tasting new foods to zip lining above the Costa Rican rain forest, I have stepped out of my comfort zone many, many times. It’s refreshing to look back each year at what I’ve accomplished! So once again I will reinstate this daring principle and challenge myself to be more adventurous!
#2 GIVE UP WORRY & ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Lately, I've been thinking about Worry and the effect it has on my life. I’m an anxious girl- always have been- and that creates a ton of stress. It is a complete waste of energy! and has even caused me major physical illness. So this year I’ve decided to focus on letting go of that tension. You can’t worry and have peace at the same time.

#3 MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING. Simply because it's a good feeling to come home to.


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