Monday, January 7, 2013


Sometimes I really loathe technology. I miss the days of handwritten letters and surprise phone calls. I miss knocking on doors to see if friend’s can come out to play and Lisa Frank stationary sets (which are back in style btw!). I spent the majority of my childhood detached from the internet. But as soon as junior high hit I was a goner! I joined everything from Aim, to Xanga, to Livejournal, to Myspace. And as a result, never fully developed my social skills. I know everyone is different but I worry about my niece and nephews. What will it be like for their generation? Thankfully my sister keeps Mariah and Nathan fairly busy with cheerleading, soccer and t-ball! But so many children already have ipads, cell phones and handheld gaming devices. Do they go outside to play? Will they ever know what they’re missing?
Last night we sat around the dining table playing a good ol’ game of Trouble. We laughed and laughed! and I made a promise to myself to create more wholesome, fun memories with my little loves. I hope we can keep them down to earth. they deserve so much more.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. My brother will be on his ipad, my sister in law on her laptop (course she does photography as a job) and so my oldest niece will get on ipad. Thus no human interaction. However I will say they all watch Dr. Who together so I guess technology is good for something. It's the reason why I now buy them outside toys for birthdays.