Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear husband-to-be,

I’m a little tv obsessed.

but don’t worry, it’s the good stuff: breaking bad, game of thrones, mad men, how I met your mother.

I assume we’ll bond over these story lines on dates one or two ;)


  1. oooh man i was really into breaking bad last year and i stopped watching at season 4

    i wish i was able to watch a show. i just can't ever remember what day and time it is and always miss them. thennnn... if the kiddos are awake, i can't even hear anything. hahaha

  2. "Hey kids, let me tell you the story of how I met your father, but I promise not to make it 9 seasons to long." said Christine to her kids 20 years from now.

    I'm not a fan of downton abbey but I like the Walking Dead.