Wednesday, May 29, 2013

25 BEFORE 26

So much has already happened since turning 25! I got my first flat tire and had to make some major life decisions. It’s strange; this is the first birthday that has actually made me FEEL older. I feel more adult than ever! Have you ever had a milestone birthday with a similar result?

This year’s goal list is going to be a fun one… I CAN'T WAIT!!
  1. Visit San Francisco and Napa Valley
  2. Read 15 books
  3. Take dad to a Rocket’s game
  4. Sleep under the stars
  5. Learn to make grandma’s famous tortillas from scratch
  6. Take Mariah and Nate to the zoo
  7. Visit the Butterfly Center, Observatory and Sea World
  8. Go to a concert alone
  9. Send birthday cards by post mail
  10. Go on 5 dates
  11. Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant
  12. Save a serious down payment for a house
  13. Write a letter to myself to read on my 30th birthday
  14. Cook a meal on my own at least once a week
  15. Professionally color my hair
  16. Take a self-defense class
  17. Pay someone a compliment each day
  18. Volunteer at least once a month
  19. Get a hammock
  20. Plan another Mother-Daughter weekend getaway
  21. Go ice skating
  22. Wear glasses more often
  23. Paint a self-portrait
  24. Visit Disney World during Christmas time
  25. Do 25 random acts of kindness
*you can view my previous lists here, here, here & here.


  1. Fine, I will go out on a date with you. Just so you can check that one off easier..

    I always enjoy reading your lists. Perhaps I should make one this year.