Monday, May 20, 2013


Because last year’s birthday vacation was so successful I decided to take celebrate 25 with another getaway... this time to New York City!! I never expected to love this place so much! I heard all these rumors about rude New Yorkers and trash everywhere. But for the most part people were very nice and helpful. We stayed in the upper east-side so it was extremely clean, however I did spot a rat on the subway tracks. EWW! The restaurants were super speedy and even though they were fairly small it didn't take long to grab a table. Everyone seems to be very fast paced and always on the move. I liked that because at home I’m the one dodging slow walkers. New York is full of my favorite things- bakeries and flower shops. They were literally on every corner AND I loved it! When you walk everywhere I guess it doesn't really matter if you buy cupcakes daily. How could anyone be out of shape living here? Dream come true! Unfortunately, the price of living is mind-blowing to me. Growing up in Texas has its perks, one of them being more comfort for your buck. My best friend, Amy and I frequently visit the theater here in Houston so catching a Broadway Musical was a must! We saw Wicked! It was definitely the highlight of my weekend. I would also recommend visiting The Empire State Building at sunset. It’s breathtaking! There’s still so much to see and do I will certainly be planning NY trip #2.

see you soon NYC!

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  1. you took some AMAZING pics!!! love new york :)