Thursday, October 29, 2015


I have this fascination with dressing up & pretending to be somebody else. Halloween has always given me an outlet to “play the part”, especially after saying goodbye to the drama club. Playing the part, that’s kind of my thing. I countdown the days until I can put on a different face and parade around the room as a Mother with her dragons or a misunderstood man with scissors for hands. It’s an incredible rush and instant conversation starter (helloooo, shy girl heaven)! But recently I began to wonder if this desire to be in disguise was really just another way I hide from myself. I mean, it's proven to be a constant pattern - I even keep a list of future costumes I'm eager to create. So this year I’ve decided to challenge that suspicion… No, I won't be sitting on the sidelines but I won’t be hiding behind a mask either. This year, I will fully be myself and try that confidence thing on for a change.

If you happen to see me out and about – I promise I’m not lame and I truly do love Halloween (probably more than you). But my courage tends to come in unusual fashions and this October, wearing my human suit feels just as strange as wearing a creepy zipper face.

If you want something to hide behind...just smile. Right? Eeek!

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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